Upcoming Webinars

Advanced Benchmarking

Deep-dive into IAVM’s venue operations database to see how the information developed in the VenueDataSource Operating Revenue/Operating Expense surveys and reports can help you.  We’ll look at some specific operating and financial metrics common to all venues, and show you how you can use these metrics to measure your venue’s performance, set future goals, and track your progress along the way.  Look for this webinar in late May.

Past Webinars

Benchmarking 101 (4/7/2016)
This webinar will help venue managers get started with setting up practical benchmarking for their venues.  We’ll talk about what can be benchmarked, how to identify appropriate competitive sets, and how to identify reliable sources of data -- including IAVM’s own VenueDataSource.  We’ll also talk about the difference between when benchmarking can be effectively used as a management tool -- and when “benchmarking” can actually be misleading.

Food and Beverage (12/11/2015)
A distinguished panel of venue managers shared their thoughts on the F&B trends identified in the NEW VenueDataSource Food and Beverage Report. During this webinar hear from a panel of leading venue professionals including Lorin Shepard of the Straz Performing Arts Center; Michele Swann of the Cobb Galleria Centre and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre; and Lee Zeidman of the Staples Center discuss how venues are maximizing their food and beverage revenues and their food and beverage agreements.

Technology (9/24/2015)
To accompany the 2015 Technology Report, this webinar focused on the latest trends in technology and how venues remain on the cutting edge of the competition. Think cyber-security, better wi-fi access and drone policies. Discover from a panel of arena, convention center, stadium and PAC managers about how venues across the country are implementing new technology and what they are learning along the way.

Sustainability (1/28/2015)
Everybody’s doing it, can we? Implementing sustainable business standards is a daunting task for any venue manager. The inaugural VenueDataSource webinar presented IAVM’s 2014 Sustainability Report and showed that sustainability programs are now fully baked into many venues’ operations – and there are some venue managers who are still unsure of the benefits from these programs. Hear a panel of experts from all venue types and sizes - including Lindsay Arell, Colorado Convention Center; Jim Ibister, Xcel Energy Center; Tim Tretzer, Georgia World Congress Center; Creon Thorne, Portland Center Stage (Gerding Theatre) - discuss the report’s key findings.



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