Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is awarded by the IAVM Board of Directors to recognize individuals for a career of contributions to the Association.

Dennis J. Andres Jim Hess Joe T. Monsour
Alfred J. Antee Carol T. Jeschke Ben Morrow
Jerry M. Barshop Don L. Johnston Charles A. Neustadt
John Benett Casey A. Jones John M. Noah
Ralph J. Boyes Norman Jones Jim Oshust
Neil M. Campbell Mike Kelly Bob Reid
John E. Christison Robert H. Kent Al E. Richards *
Bill A. Cunningham Vicki Key Albert L. Rubio
James E. Donnelly Dexter G. King Dan N. Saunders
Gary S. Dorrian Charlie F. Kinsaul Robert A. Schoettler
Lionel J. Dubay James M. Klain Denzil E. Skinner
Patrick K. Fitzgerald Mike D. Kobluk George J. Smith
Charles P. Graviss Bob J. Kunkel Bud Stanley
Roy H. Gumtow Tom F. Liegler Robert W. Thompson
Harold C. Hansen William B. Lillyman Larry L. Updike
Clyde M. Hawkins Bob C. Mayer Ray W. Ward
Richard W. Haycock Mary C. McCreary Scott Williams
Brian R. Hedman Doug McGlaun Leonard Zerilli

* Deceased

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