"Focus on making a contribution rather than on making a career."

-Brian Stovall, Allen Event Center

"The view is always better from the high road."

-Paul Turner, CFE, AT&T Stadium

"Fancy carpet and trendy art do not bring customers back ... a great experience does!"

-Bryan Chatterton, Sacramento Convention Center

"Another day in paradise."

-Allen Johnson, Orlando Venues

Enhanced patron experiences + loyal partners + enthusiastic employees = Stronger Business”

-Steve Hevern, Sydney Entertainment Centre

“The show is not confirmed until the artist goes on stage and stays.”

-Michael Marion, CFE, Verizon Arena

“It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.”

-Eric D. Hart, CFE, Tampa Sports Authority

“What you allow is what will continue.”

-Stephanie Curran, Spokane Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center

“Never try to teach a pig to fly.  You’re wasting your time and you’re annoying the pig.”

-John Rhamstine, CFE, Seven Venues

“High-performance teams succeed through leadership, communication and balance of purpose.”

-Mark Gnatovic, SearchWide

“Our Benchmark is to provide Excellent Quality and Service by retention of staff.”

-Joe Floreano, CFE, Rochester Riverside Convention Center

“The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.”

-Brian Morris, CFE, Melbourne & Olympic Parks

“Success is not permanent and failure is not fatal so get the hell out there and just TRY!”

-Karen Totaro, CFE, Atlantic City Convention Center

“You are who you surround yourself with…hire wisely.”

-Karen Totaro, CFE, Atlantic City Convention Center

“You can do anything as long as you have the right people, a great plan and the right equipment.”

-Paul Cramer, CFE, Classic Center

You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

-Kim Bedier, CFE (via Dr. Seuss), City of Tacoma Public Assembly Facilities

“When faced with a choice, do what would make your mother proud.”

-Kevin Mattingly, Phoenix Convention Center & Venues


 Current Certified Facilities Executives

*- Lifetime Certification | D - Deceased
Bill “Sparky” Bavirsha, CFE
Mark Burk, CFE
Stephanie Curran, CFE
Jeff Davis, CFE
Justin Durfey, CFE
Jim Finch, CFE
Kevin Flynn, CFE
Scott Kavanaugh,  CFE
Shannon McCullough, CFE
Brian Stovall, CFE
Juan Gabriel Tamez Ramirez, CFE
Danny Wheeler, CFE
Terry W. Dederich, CFE
Patrick Donnelly, CFE
Adina Erwin, CFE
Doug B. Grissom, CFE
Lisanne Lewis, CFE
Gary Mears, CFE
Patrick Skaggs, CFE
Stavros (Steve) Mitsos, CFE
Glen Rainsbury, CFE
Marc Swan, CFE
Maria K. Talbert, CFE
Erik J. Waldman, CFE
Curtis L. Webb, CFE
Denise Zigler, CFE
Jamie A. Galileo, CFE
Al Karosas, CFE
Tammy Koolbeck, CFE
Kevin M. Mattingly, CFE
Mark Zundans, CFE
Adam S. Cook, CFE
Michael Cera, CFE
Darren Davis, CFE
Vickie L. Hubbard, CFE
Mark J. Mettes, CFE
Wayne Middleton, CFE
Judy Vince, CFE
Rodney Blackmore, CFE
Darius U. Dunn, Sr., CFE
Eric D. Hart, CFE
Rob Henson, CFE
Philip A. Jordan, CFE
Jeffrey S. Mann, CFE
Glen Mikkelsen, CFE
Brad J. Murphy, CFE
Milton O’Brien, CFE
Lisa Price, CFE
Thomas A. Richter, CFE
Ross Drayton Steele, CFE
Dana Stoehr, CFE
Paul A. Turner, CFE
James Wynkoop, CFE
Stuart Barnes, CFE
Sherman Bass, CFE
David A. Bevans, CFE
Cat Dragon, CFE
Timothy L. Dean, CFE
Jon A. Dorman, CFE
Michael K. Garcia, CFE
Paula J. Kirchman, CFE
Trish Jelinski, CFE
Vinay Mahendru, CFE
Russell H. Read, CFE
William K. Stephan, CFE
Mount V. Allen III, CFE
Stephen Hevern, CFE
Kathy Kramer, CFE
Steven D. Macfadyen, CFE
Michael A. Meyers, CFE
Brandi S. Quick, CFE
Tim Riddle, CFE
Jason Rittenberry, CFE
Suzanne Sheather, CFE
Kevin W. Spence, CFE
Susan H. Walker, CFE
David L. Bobo, CFE
Doug Booher, CFE 
Paul E. Davis, CFE 
Matthew Edward Gibson, CFE 
Ross Horner, CFE
G. Todd Hunt, CFE 
Lori Leyba-Kramer, CFE
Will Lofdahl, CFE
Gregg McManners, CFE
Patricia McNamara, CFE
Brian Morris, CFE
David P. Touhey, CFE
Randall H. Vogel, CFE
Karen Totaro, CFE
Johnna M. Boxley, CFE
Mary Muse, CFE
Lawrence D. Henley, CFE
James "Jim" W. Brown II, CFE
Matthew A. Hollander, CFE
Jan Addison, CFE
Antony V. Bonavita, CFE
Dan Concepcion, CFE
W. Courtney Dyer, CFE
Christine Fighera, CFE
Robert LeBarron, CFE
Cameron McGill, CFE
Russell Vandenberg, CFE
Paul Cramer, CFE
Carol DuPuis, CFE
Steve Harper, CFE
Eugene Mikolajewski, CFE
Duane E. Morris, CFE
Timothy J. O'Connell, CFE
Kerry A. Painter, CFE
James W. Thielman, CFE
Keith R. Baulk, CFE 
Amy B. Brown, CFE 
Chris A. Carpenter, CFE 
Lisa M. Chamness, CFE 
Kevin L. Hawkins, CFE 
David R. Holscher, CFE 
Tim C. Lampe, CFE 
Nicholas A. Langella, CFE 
Timothy C. Mabe, CFE 
Michael Marion, CFE
Jim P. McCue, CFE 
Kent W. Meredith, CFE 
Tony J. Pereira, CFE 
Michael S. Taormina, CFE 
Jay M. Thomas, CFE 
Tim J. Worton, CFE
Sally Arch, CFE
John B. Bolton, CFE
Deborah A. Burda, CFE
Steven G. Maples, CFE
Rick Palmer, CFE
Larry B. Perkins, CFE, CPP, CMP
Richard S. Peterson, CFE
Rodney J. Smith, CFE - D
Scott E. Spencer, CFE
Christopher Stephenson, CFE
Robert A. Vaughn, CFE
Paul D. Schieck, CFE, CPP*
Don R. Carpenter, Jr., CFE 
Larry R. Duffin, CFE
Chris Economidis, CFE
John C. Fuhrmann, CFE*
Mike Grimaldi, CFE
Leigh Harry, CFE
Gillian Houser, CFE
Jody G. Lake, CFE
Steven L. Peters, CFE
Joe Psuik, CFE*
John K. Smith, CFE
Max L. Torbert, CFE
Kevin E. Ullestad, CFE
Richard L. Andersen, CFE 
Richard L. Barr, CFE 
Edward A. DeDee, CFE 
Ernie Hahn, CFE 
Marshall L. Madsen, CFE
Robert A. Rose, Jr., CFE 
Charles A. Schilling, CFE 
Robert E. Seitz, CFE 
Joe Tsao, CFE
Steven J. Haver, CFE
Al Lomas, CMP, CMM, CFE*
John B. Meyer, CFE
Carol L. Moore, CFE
John S. Rhamstine, CFE
Cheryl Swanson, CFE
Stephen A. Zito, CFE
J. Erik Dyce, CFE
Kim Bedier, CFE
Debra D. Esche, CFE 
Terry M. Genovese, CFE
Timothy L. Hickman, CFE
Robert D. Jordan, CFE
Shura A. Lindgren, CFE
Scott Mullen, CFE
Donald C. Poor, CFE
Greg Talbut, CFE
James L. Vautar, CFE
William J. DiCarlo, CFE
Michael Taylor, CFE
Glen R. Walinski, CFE
Wilhemina Y. Boyd, CFE*
R. Joseph Davis, III, CFE
Michael R. Dooley, CFE
Ann Larson, CFE
David Meek, CFE
Mark Prows, CFE
Mark Seward, CFE
Robert Stewart, CFE
Jesse M. Waiters, CFE
James F. Bradshaw, CFE
Douglas W. Campbell, CFE
Gary P. Drake, CFE
Lee A. Esckilsen, CFE
Lawrence E. Gawronski, CFE
Richard Haycock, CFE*
Allen Johnson, CFE
Fred Roger Newton, CFE*
Michael C. Noah, CFE
Joseph J. Rzonca, CFE
Gregory L. Smith, CFE
Robert J. Sullivan, CFE
Robyn Williams, CFE
Dennis Finfrock, CFE* - D
Michael LaPan, CFE
John Nath, CFE*
Beth Wade, CFE
Randy L. Brown, CFE
Stephen H. Davis, CFE
Jimmy D. Earl, CFE
Bradley H. Gessner, CFE
Steven M. Hodge, CFE*
William M. Holland, CFE
Adonis “Sporty” Jeralds, CFE
Roger C. Noyes, CFE
Robert I. Scanlin, CFE - D
John Siehl, CFE
John Dale Kennedy, CFE
William W. McElrath, CFE
Victoria L. Van Matre, CFE*
Robert J. Hunter, CFE
John T. Mazzola, CFE
Clifford G. “Rip” Rippetoe, CFE
David B. Ross, CFE* - D
Tom W. Cornwall, CFE
Kenna M. O’Connor, CFE
Robert L. Johnson, CFE
Michael D. Kelly, CFE*
Dorothea Lischick, CFE
Dennis R. Magruder, CFE
Brad E. Mayne, CFE
J. Kirk Metzger, CFE 
A. E. Richards, CFE*
Carl W. St. Clair, CFE*
John Vetter, CFE
Steve Edwards, CFE
Jay S. Green, CFE
James A. Hess, CFE*
Cora M. Huguely, CFE
Paul A. Johnson, CFE
David Rush, CFE
Richard O. Singer, Jr., CFE*
Kevin J. Twohig, CFE
Bill Chiesa, CFE - D
Patrick K. Fitzgerald, CFE*
Brian R. Hedman, CFE*
Frank P. LaTorre, CFE
Gordon A. Lebel, CFE
John D. Robertson, CFE
William O. Beard, CFE
Sandra M. Carl-O’Toole, CFE
Joseph A. Floreano, CFE - D
Khalil Johnson, CFE*
Rick Reno, CFE
Doris G. Stovall, CFE* - D
Robert C. Wagoner, CFE
David J. Ellsworth, CFE
Douglas J. Kuhnel, CFE*
Neil M. Campbell, CFE*
John M. Dederich, CFE - D
Clyde M. Hawkins, CFE - D
Dexter G. King, CFE*
Bob C. Mayer, CFE*
J. Scott Williams, CFE*
Gerard J. Tollett, CFE
George Michael Abington, CFE
Edgar J. Kehlor, Jr., CFE - D
Wayne W. Lalor, CFE* - D
Michael M. Pierce, CFE*
Carol T. Jeschke, CFE*
Michael D. Kobluk, CFE*
Frank Rodriguez, CFE*
Steve Camp, CFE
Sam Fulco, CFE* - D
Alfred J. Antee, CFE
John E. Christison, CFE*
Larry L. Dittloff, CFE
Harold C. Hansen, CFE*
Bill Harrison, CFE* - D
Frank E. Russo, Jr., CFE
Jerry M. Barshop, CFE* - D
Thomas D. Minter, CFE
John Charles Elden, CFE* - D
Roy H. Gumtow, CFE* - D
Raymond L. Lambert, CFE*
Mike McGee, CFE
Richard Snyder, CFE* - D
Heinz G. Warneke, CFE*
Ronald V. Wigmore, CFE* - D
Douglas S. Borg, CFE* - D
Ralph J. Boyes Jr., CFE*
George Brodeur, CFE* - D
John W. “Jack” Fearey,  CFE*-D
John E. Friedmann, CFE* - D
Daniel A. Graveline, CFE*
Ivan “Ike” Hoig, CFE* - D
Doug McGlaun, CFE*
Robert A. Schoettler, CFE*
Denzil E. Skinner, CFE*
Cal Smith, CFE* - D
Dottie Townsend, CFE*
Clifford N. Wallace, CFE
Bettie S. Adams, CFE* - D
Sam J. Burns, CFE*
A. C. Chapman, CFE
David DeWald, CFE* - D
Neal Gunn, CFE
James M. Klain, CFE*
Thomas F. Liegler, CFE*
B. Don Magness, CFE* - D
Bob Reid, CFE*
Dan N. Saunders, Jr., CFE*
Joseph C. Sturckler, CFE* - D
William A. Cunningham, CFE*
Francis Deering, CFE - D
Charles P. Graviss, CFE*
Win F. Hanssen, CFE* - D
H. L. Hooker, Jr., CFE* - D
Don Jewell, CFE* - D
Don L. Johnston, CFE*
William Dean Justice, CFE* - D
William B. Lillyman, CFE*
William H. Luther, CFE* - D
Donald A. Napier, CFE* - D
Dean H. Phillips, CFE* - D
Roy G. Saunders, CFE* - D
Ray W. Ward, CFE*
Leonard Zerilli, CFE*
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