AVSS 2018 is fully committed to helping venue and event managers, security professionals, and key personnel make sound decisions about the safety and security of guests, artists, teams, and staff.

The Academy for Venue Safety & Security (AVSS) is a dynamic, two-year school built to train venue and event managers, security professionals, and other key personnel involved in every aspect of venue safety and security. The curriculum, developed and taught by a diverse team of experts, is designed to equip each and every attendee with the best practices, resources, and tools needed to face the evolving challenge of providing a safe venue for everyone.

Year 1 Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed Year 1 of the Academy program will:
  • Understand the principles of risk management, how to conduct risk assessments, and how to use industry standard tools to measure risk
  • Know the various components of venue and event security operations and be able to prepare essential operational documents and procedures
  • Know the principles of crowd management and the tools and methods for enhancing crowd safety
  • Know the process of risk-based emergency planning and be able to start developing a venue emergency management plan
  • Be familiar with the codes and regulations that affect space occupancy, crowd flow and emergency exiting
  • Be aware of industry standards and regulations as they relate to essential safety practices for venues and events
  • Have participated in an extensive group exercise and have gained a thorough understanding of the concepts of Preparedness and Prevention as they relate to venue safety and security
  • Have an enhanced ability to create and deliver training programs by applying principles of adult learning, conducting training needs assessments, and improved presentation skills


Year 2 Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed Year 2 of the Academy program will:
  • Learn how to enhance their ability to sense danger, engage in mental preparation, and respond to environmental threats through a heightened level of situational awareness
  • Know how to prepare a venue emergency management plan, including creating and facilitating  tabletop and live exercises
  • Have advanced knowledge in venue security operations to include contracted service management, safety and security policies and procedures, and security screening techniques and technology
  • Know the principles of crowd psychology, how to develop a crowd safety plan and effective alcohol management practices
  • Know how to create policies, programs and initiatives that help promote a culture of safety
  • Understand venue safety and security legal issues and ways to reduce exposure to incidents, claims and lawsuits
  • Be able to apply organizing principles to develop comprehensive training programs for venue and event security personnel
  • Be able to create an emergency response training program for daily venue occupants and workers
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