Are You Too big? Or Too Small?—Staffing Survey Report

2013 Staffing Survey Report

Do you know the average number of full-time financial/accounting employees it takes to manage a venue? Or the average number of housekeeping/custodial, guest operations or event personnel it takes? In which areas are you too fat, or too lean? Find out in our 2013 Staffing Survey Report.

Developed by VenueDataSource—funded by the IAVM Foundation—the report presents data about the number of full-time employees (or equivalent) in 27 functional categories. Separate reports are available for arenas, convention centers, and performing arts centers and can be found in our catalog of products (scroll to the bottom of the page). You can also reach out to Frank Ingoglia at, and he’ll be happy to assist you in purchasing the report.

Here are some interesting takeaways.

1) Convention centers use almost twice as many FTE employees as arenas, which in turn use twice as many as performing arts centers

2) Large convention centers and arenas use two to three times the number of employees as medium ones.

3) Medium convention centers and arenas use about three times the number of employees as small ones.

4) Large and medium performing arts centers use about the same number of employees, about three-and-a-half times the number used at small ones.

If your venue completed this survey, you can download the report at the VenueDataSource site.

Oh look, an infographic!

2013 Staffing Survey Report

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