Guest Experience & Crowd Management Conference / March 14 - 16, 2017 / Dallas, TX


Bryan Lansing

Bryan is a dynamic speaker and generational junkie who uses humor and poignant personal stories to impact lives and bridge gaps in the workplace and marketplace. Bryan has been speaking for over 10 years in front of a wide variety of audiences including Target, 3M and General Mills. Regardless of who is in the room, he delivers with a fun, dynamic style that can capture the attention of any audience. As a representative of the Millennial generation, Bryan strives to combat Millennial fatigue and show that just because the newest generation works differently doesn’t mean they don’t work just as hard. He is a generational bridge builder who expertly paints the picture of who each generation is, why they behave the way they do, and what traits they bring to the workplace. With his energy, positivity, and professional poise, Bryan lights up the stage and delivers insightful strategies that create meaningful change long after he’s left the stage.

Adonis "Sporty" Jeralds, CFE
Clinical Instructor, University of South Carolina

Adonis "Sporty" Jeralds is currently a full-time clinical instructor at the University of South Carolina and also works in community relations with the NBA Charlotte Hornets. Mr. Jeralds is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and graduated with a degree in criminal justice from Guilford College. He has an MA in Public Administration from UNC Chapel Hill and an MA in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Jeralds began his career in public assembly venue management at the Hampton Virginia Coliseum, and then accepted a position at the Charlotte Coliseum as assistant manager. In 1990 he became manager of the Charlotte Coliseum, a position he held for fifteen years. In that position Mr. Jeralds oversaw day-to-day operations and managed a $12 million operating budget and a staff of over sixty full-time and six hundred part-time employees. Mr. Jeralds is certified by the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) as a Certified Facilities Executive (CFE), a designation currently awarded to approximately 300 executives worldwide. During his career, Mr. Jeralds has helped coordinate such internationally recognized events as the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four, the NBA All-Star Weekend, a visit by Mother Teresa, and a variety of major concerts and sports events. Mr. Jeralds is the author of three successful books, The Champion in You (2004), Let Your Light Shine (2010), and Follow the Bouncing Ball (2014), and in 2006 was awarded the Harold J. VanderZwaag Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Sports Management Department at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Mr. Jeralds and his wife Teresa are the proud parents of Jazmine and Jacob.

Erik Waldman, CFE
Sr. Director of Logistics and GA Dome Events, Georgia World Congress Center Authority

Erik Waldman, was recently promoted to the Senior Director of Logistics and Georgia Dome Events for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) on January 4, 2016. In his role, he is overseeing event operations for the final year of the Georgia Dome in addition to Public Safety and Logistics for the GWCCA. Prior to his promotion, Erik started with the GWCCA as Director of Event Operations with the Georgia Dome in December of 2011. Prior to joining the GWCCA, Erik was the Vice President and General Manager of the BankAtlantic Center (now BB&T Center) in Sunrise, Florida. Erik received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administrations with a major in General Management & a minor in Hospitality Management from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in August of 2002. His career started at the Orlando Arena in 1998 as the Zamboni driver for the Or-lando Solar Bears of the International Hockey League. In 2002, Erik worked as an event coordina-tor for the UCF Arena where his career began to rise. He is a graduate of the GWCCA Senior Lead-ership Development Program in partnership with the University of Georgia, Terry College of Busi-ness. In August of 2015, Erik was named Chair of the IAVM Stadium’s Committee Sector. Erik has certifications from IAVM’s Academy for Venue Safety & Security and Venue Management School. In his free time, Erik participates in triathlons, long distance running and is a member of an ice hockey league in Atlanta.

Benjamin Chakoian Jones
Singer, Songwriter

Benjamin Chakoian Jones is a composer, arranger, bassist, and violist from Nashville, Tennessee. He studied composition at Belmont University under Mark Volker and William Purssell. He has gone on to be a founding member of the band Humming House, which enjoys a busy schedule, touring theaters and festivals throughout the United States. As an arranger, Jones has written for both live ensembles and studio ensembles, including string charts for many of Humming House’s recordings. As a studio player, he has played on dozens of recordings, most notably with Australian artist Lanie Lane under producer Jack White.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Jones is the founder and curator of The Nashville Chamber Music Series, "a collective of composers, performers, and music lovers who wish to develop Nashville’s communal passion for classical and jazz music." Drawing on the chamber concerts of the Romantic period, Jones hopes to revitalize the capacity for classical music to be enjoyed on a casual and intimate level.

As a composer, Jones' works have been performed by numerous groups in the U.S. including The Nashville Collegiate Orchestra, The W.O. Smith Faculty Orchestra, The Newark Granville Youth Symphony String Quartet, and ensembles through his own Nashville Chamber Music Series. Jones' compositions are a hybrid of the populist American sound inspired by the likes of Aaron Copland and William Grant Stills, combined with the European jazz and folk music he has come to love in his personal travels.

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